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Remote Notarization

Digitally send, notarize, and secure document delivery. Including identity validation, video conferencing, and signatures.

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Generate, endorse, store, transfer, and dispatch eNotes with the assurance of stringent digital authentication protocols.

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Secure client signatures regardless of location.

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Easily access eRecording suitability, assemble documents, validate contents, and dispatch efficiently.

Elevate Beyond the Basics

Document Identification & Filing

I automatically categorize and file your real estate documents by transaction, creating seamless organization for effortless workflow.

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Document Extraction

I extract all the relevant information from documents for you. In addition, I store all the correct information, and have it ready for use in document production.

Contract Production and Drafting

When it’s time for signing, I’ll take the information we’ve collected and draft the required documents for signing. I’m trained on countless lender documents, and can help with assuring information makes it in correctly the first time.

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